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Despite the huge increase in technology and online forms of journalism, I continue to have a passion for print.

In my opinion, physical copies of newspapers, magazines and books remain incredibly important - and I am keen to learn and involve myself as much as I can in their production.



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November 2019

During my third year newsdays, I volunteered to act as Print Editor, choosing and sub-editing a range of Salford Now articles in order to produce an eight-page newspaper, put together in the newsroom over two days.

It was a high-pressured role, but one I really enjoyed - there was an enormous sense of satisfaction to see all of the work come together. Above is an example of a double page spread that I put together.


October - December 2021

In 2021, I chose "Magazine Journalism" as one of my optional modules for my third and final year of university.

Having always held a keen interest and passion for magazines and feature writing, I was really excited to find out more about magazine production.

I decided to create a 12-page magazine for young adults using Adobe InDesign (available above) - with the purpose of promoting good mental and wellbeing. I wanted to make it an interesting, yet carefree read, full of positive news articles, as well as ideas for improving and maintaining mental health.


I sourced all of the material, conducting interviews for two features about the mental health benefits of crafting - and attended the West End production of Noel Coward's comedy Blithe Spirit  for my review.

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